IP-Creation Patent and Trademark Office is a team of experts with the expertise and experience to help you protect your innovative ideas and intellectual property. Through careful communication and strategic understanding of the latest legal developments, we help you to create the intellectual property (Intellectual Property) rights for the ideas you want to protect.


 IP-Creation Patent and Trademark Office was established in 2015 with the philosophy of “making rights from the customer’s point of view”. The name of the firm, “IP-Creation”, means the creation of intellectual property (Intellectual Property) in the form of rights. The firm’s logo consists of the letter “IP” surrounded by a “C” of “Creation”. In this way, the name of our firm and our logo express our desire to use our experience to create rights from the perspective of our clients.

Since our establishment, we have received a great deal of guidance from many national and international companies, universities and research institutions, and we have responded to their requests in a prompt and careful manner to meet their expectations.

We are involved in multiple fields across the board, utilizing our expertise in alloys, steel, glass, semiconductor devices, commodities, structures, organic compositions and software etc. In recent years, information processing technologies such as IoT and AI have been progressing at an accelerated pace and their content has become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Under these circumstances, the role of intellectual property has become increasingly important. As the social and economic environment undergoes major changes in the wake of the Corona Disaster, we will make further use of our expertise and experience, and will continue to devote our energies to responding to the changes. We will continue to provide intellectual property services that will continue to be of service to you.

Patent attorney
Hidetaka Kenmotsu

Employment history, etc.

1999~2005 Worked for an electronic components manufacturer

Engaged in compositional exploration of amorphous alloys (amorphous alloys, metallic glasses) and development of inductors moulded from powders of such metals.

2005~2015 Worked for a patent firm in Tokyo

Handled patent applications and prosecutions (including domestic and foreign) for alloys, structures, organic compositions and software.

11 December 2015 The IP-Creation patent and trademark Office was established. Currently.

belong to

Japan Patent Attorneys Association.
Japan Patent Attorneys Cooperative Association

Affiliation, activities, etc.

academic background

1999 Completed postgraduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering at Chiba University

Engaged in research on structural analysis of glass compositions.

title of paper

1.X-ray diffraction study of the short-range structure of LiCl–Li2O–TeO2 glasses(second name)

2.Short range structure of B2O3–Rb2O glasses by neutron diffraction

official activities

Japan Patent Attorneys Association Vice-Chairman of the Election Management Committee of the Association (2024~)

Japan Patent Attorneys Association Member of the Election Management Committee of the Association (2018~)

Japan Patent Attorneys Association Kanto Association Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Consultation Office (April 2019~March 2021)

Japan Patent Attorneys Association Kanto Association Vice-Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Consultation Office (2018, 2021-2024)

Steering Committee of the Consultation Office of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association Kanto Association (2017~)

support activities

Niigata Invention Association Registered patent attorney
Niigata Industrial Creation Organisation (NICO) registered experts
Iwate Industrial Promotion Centre Registered experts
Saitama Industrial Promotion Foundation Registered expert


Strong in the field of material technology

Multiple fields across alloys, steel, glass, semiconductor, commodities, structures, organic compositions and software etc.

Flexible support system

We support our customers with flexible and prompt support from a small number of elite staff.

Reliability and solid track record

He was responsible for several hundred domestic cases, several hundred domestic intermediate cases and several hundred domestic and foreign OA cases.



Patent Engineer

Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Ritsumeikan UniversityHe joined the firm after working as head of intellectual property at a major manufacturer. Has over 30 years of IP experience.


patent work

Graduated from Tohoku University, Faculty of LettersHe joined the firm after working as a patent clerk at a Tokyo office, both inside and outside Japan and in Japan. She has more than 20 years’ experience in patent administration.

Outline of the office


Name of officeIP-Creation Patent and Trade Mark Office
representativeHidetaka Kenmotsu
EstablishmentDecember 11, 2015
Business descriptionProcedures for patent applications, applications for utility model registrations, design registrations, applications for trademark registrations, etc.
Location.Nerima Office 3F Nagata Building, 6-11-3 Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0012, Japan
Niigata Office Nishigami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture

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